Queen's Eternal


This movie takes place in 2008. A sweet, fun, beauty pageant competition goes wrong. Mothers are vicariously living through their daughters and their competitive nature coupled with past incidents between the two mothers comes to the surface. Issues and tensions boil over, leading to a deadly scene between the two.

The film gives off a dark mood and can be compared or similar to the movie Black Swan. While the overall movie gives off a dark tone, costumes and styling are bright with pageant clothing and glitzy professional mothers. 


For both mothers in the film (Tiffany and Doreen) we wanted them to have a suburban mother look and feel. These characters were dressed in a more conservative tone and style.

Doreen, the mother of the pageant winner, is well put together, but not as wealthy as Tiffany. Her style is a toned down casual/professional look with a casual bag and jewelry. 

Phil, Tiffany's husband, was styled in a put together, buttoned up, casual professional fashion. Phil isn't concerned with wearing major labels or brands, even though he can afford them. 


Our budget for 5 characters was $500. Two of those costumes were for pageant girls, and we needed full double costumes for the women. 

We spent $475, returned $215, with a total spent of $260. 



Missy Graf was styled with a green blouse, khaki flats, wedding ring, and pearl necklace. Her hair is was worn down and loose with sides pinned. She had no earrings, red lipstick, and nude nails. 



Colleen Mooney was styled with a tan cardigan, white blouse, black flats, necklace, and gold earrings. She had a purse with cheetah scarf. Her hair was worn down in light curls. 



Mike McNamara was styled in a gray collared shirt with a blazer and denim jeans. He wore brown shoes. His accessories included a wedding band and watch. 



Jersie Joniak was styled in a pageant dress, crown, silver flats, necklace, and bracelet. Safety pins were used in the back when the front mic was showing on the right shoulder. She had a purple eye look with a berry lip color, with her hair half up half down with a bun. 


Bridget Hill was styled in a pageant dress, silver flats, necklace, bracelet, and headband. Her hair was curled with a hair wand, including a small center crown along with her headband. Her makeup was a pink lip and neutral eye look. 

Stylists: Shavonne Burns, Kelsey Cox, Rachel Shipley


Sue-per Man was shot in December 2016. The film was styled by Zachary Buntin, Trinity Brown, and myself.


This character was styled in a red button up, with the top button undone. He wore a navy blue suit with the jacket fully buttoned. The pants were worn full length, not rolled or cuffed, with black shoes and a black belt. His socks were also black. He had on black glasses frames with the lenses popped out to remove any glare on camera. His hair was slicked back.


Under his dress shirt, we had a navy t-shirt with the "Sue-perman" logo taped to the front. The shirt was tucked into the pants and worn under the suit jacket, which is now unbuttoned. The red cape was worn over the suit jacket, tied in the front, with no logo on the back. We decided to go without the logo because it did not work with the cape's movement. His hair remained slicked back.


The teller wore a white blouse with a black bowtie neckline. We tied the neckline into a bow and safety pinned the loops to the neckline in order to preserve the shape of the bow. The sleeves of the blouse were rolled up and held up with hair ties to prevent them from rolling back down. The blouse was tucked into a black pencil skirt, which was worn with nude hosiery and nude colored kitten heels with a single ankle strap. She wore black, square frames with the lenses popped out to prevent camera glare. her hair was up in a messy bun, with a few strands peeking out.


This character wore a black knit beaning, unrolled. We also styled him in a black masquerade style mask that was trimmed along the bottom to only cover his eyes. He wore a long sleeved black and white striped shirt until a black hoodie. We rolled up the sleeves of the hoodie and left the shirt sleeves down to reveal the stripes underneath. The costume was completed with khaki colored pants and brown hiking boots. The boots were loosely laced, and the pants not tucked in but sitting on top casually. 


THe police chief wore a typical police officer costume. She had a navy cop uniform, the button up short sleave shirt having hte top button undone, revealing a white undershirt. Both shirts were tucked into the navy pants. Though a belt was used to hold the pants up, we used a cop/utility belt with a handcuff dangling off it. The pants were finished with black combat boots, covered by the pant leggs. The pants were rolled so they didn't drag on the ground or underneath her feet. Her hair was up in a tight bun, keeping her hair out of her face. 

Stylists: Rachel Shipley, Zachary Buntin, Trinity Brown