Play House

The intent of this shoot was to create an editorial meant to attract a primarily young audience of fashion-forward females, ranging from millennials to Generation Z. Our target audience would be people interested in fashion and not afraid of bold and unique styles. Not only are they interested in clothes, but hair and makeup as well. Our ideal woman is a unique individual with bold style. Always the center of attention, she wears a mix of high-end labels and unique vintage. Nylon and Bullet Magazine were primary sources of inspiration.

Chandler Allen

Chandler Allen

We found Chandler Allen to be the perfect choice for our editorial shoot. She was enthusiastic and energetic, which illuminated the shoot. Chandler's look, personality, and potential fit our editorial. Her lean and slender body could carry out the athletic poses we wanted to shoot. Her hair was long and thick, perfect for the voluminous style we aimed for. Chandler's expressive eyes pulled off a graphic doll makeup look, lending to the beautiful, edgy, and crazy vibe of our shoot. 


For the shoot, we wanted to create even, dynamic lighting. Our setup involved four strobes, where we placed a lower strobe and a higher strobe on each side. They were positioned into a white v-flat to evenly distribute the light throughout our set. We also wanted to avoid having shadows, so our model was brought forward into the light. You can find the final images from this shoot in my portfolio. 

Photographers: Macy Freeman, Benjamin Homburg, Elisha Knight, Brier Collins

Stylists: Rachel Shipley, Dylan Schrey, Julia Segal, Lierra Montagueo